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Armchair Travel Countries A – E

Travel picArmchair Travel is widely used within Aged Care Facilities. Generally speaking, it involves hiring a DVD about an interesting country, watching it together as a group and encouraging discussion

Other important aspects of armchair travel can also include poetry readings, music, games, art appreciation, multicultural foods and celebrations.

Amongst other things armchair travel provides an opportunity for residents to share their past travel experiences (reminiscence) and to provide a deeper understanding and enjoyment of another country or region’s history, culture and geography.


Below you will find different countries and places of interests.

There are links to

  • Posters (to pop on the walls)
  • Decorations to dress up your room or the whole facility (can be made prior to the day in Art & Crafts)
  • Passports (to allow your residents to travel)
  • Fact sheets (to print out for each resident)
  • Profiles (extra information) 
  • Cue Cards (to try your hand at different languages)
  • You Tube videos (to take you to different countries)
    The videos will run through your internet server and some unfortunately may include ads, this is beyond our control.
  • You may also find DVDs at your local library or video store.





































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  1. Mary Mihalic / July 29, 2020 at 3:08 pm

    Hello Birgit

    we are travelling to the Bahamas in August to try and keep warm. Any chance of putting something together

    Many Thanks

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