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Christmas in July

shutterstock_233182030Although it is sometimes attributed to an Irish group who enjoyed the winter snow in Sydney’s Blue Mountains and decided to party, the precise beginnings of the Christmas in July tradition is not totally clear, nor does it need to be, as it is a simple idea that has been enjoyed by many here who remember the northern hemisphere’s snow blanketed Christmas nights.

Australians too love a traditional Christmas dinner, however the typical midsummer heat here on Christmas Day, means that many families are forced to focus on salads, because it is just too hot to get enthusiastic about a traditional big roast with pudding etc.

So over the years many Australian families and organisations have opted to have an addition Christmas dinner in July celebration, in the middle of winter when it’s nice and cool and great for tucking in to a sumptuous big feast. A Christmas in July dinner usually includes Christmas Decorations Christmas Candles, colourful streamers, bonbons, Christmas hats and whistles.

This Christmas tradition is so well entrenched in Australia that most restaurants, clubs and dining halls, have an official advertised annual catered menu for Christmas in July, and are often booked in advance. It’s always a great excuse to take residents out, and at a time when they don’t have to battle to reserve a table and pay premium prices.


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