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Cupcake Day

shutterstock_247099390Held nationally in August, you can hold your event at any time during August.

Bake cupcakes to help fight animal cruelty!

Cupcake Day for the RSPCA is all about baking, eating and most importantly donating to help us rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals each year.

Who would’ve thought cupcakes had the power to save thousands of neglected and abandoned animals?

You can organise a Cupcake fundraiser, ask the kitchen in your facility to assist you with lots of cupcakes to eat (assisting the RSPCA), get your residents to make some of the wonderful Face Washer Cupcakes to put in your cake stall and raise money for your facility.

You can download Cupcake Day resources and recipes  to make your event that extra bit special on the day from here.

Click on the images below for some interesting  activity ideas to celebrate this special event.





















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