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Fragrant Greeting Cards


fragrant cards

The Benefits of Fragrance

Our senses… sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing connect our minds with the world around us. Many older adults experience difficulties with some of the senses.

When this happens to a person with Alzheimer Disease or a related disorder, it can contribute to some of the confusion that he/she is already experiencing. Although the person may not always be able to make sense of complicated sensory stimuli, he/she still derives enjoyment from pleasant sensations and is turned off by unpleasant ones.

Stimulating the senses of the person with dementia has many positive benefits. There are no boundaries to sensory stimulation; it can include a variety of activities, and is limited only when the facilitator limits it.


The sense of smell is one of the most meaningful in terms of connecting us to our past and bringing back memories. No matter what your age, ability or disability, smells have a powerful effect. They can be pleasant, strong, relaxing, or comforting, and can elicit many emotions. Think of how you feel when you smell a warm batch of bread baking in the oven and the memories it brings to mind.

Reminisce with your residents while they enjoy creating their own fragrant greeting cards for their relatives or for the kiosk to assist with fund raising.


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