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Access Inspirational, Creative ideas, Multicultural information and lots more to support you in delivering quality activities to your clients.  

This site has been put together with accreditation in mind. To enable you to provide more quality person centred care and stress less about the paperwork.
We have completed the Who, the How, and the Why of each activity. All you need to do is fill out which of your residents are attending and any comments.
Having gone through several accreditations, I am aware of the requirements needed.

You will find many resources including activities, information, documentation and lots more.
Print out the activities, information and/or documents… fill in the gaps relevant to your facility and
you will be able to answer the majority of questions asked during accreditation.

Some information has been sourced from  other areas, saving you valuable time searching.

To view our files please make sure you have the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader
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Here are a few free samples.