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List of National Indepencence Days


iStock_000027050547SmallA national day is the most important occasion for a country, being linked to a defining moment in its history.

While most of the time the national day has to do with achievement of freedom, a good number of nations do not link their national days to achieving freedom, but rather to some other event of national importance, such as:

  • Formation of state
  • Formation of constitution
  • Declaration of republic
  • Commemorating great leaders/saints/etc.
  • Recognition of freedom

. . . and so on.

Also, very few countries actually describe their national days as such. “National Day” seems to be a rarely-used term.
Here are certain interesting things about the national days of the various countries:

  • Some countries have more than a single national day, e.g., Pakistan.
  • Not all the countries have a fixed date for celebrating their national days. For instance, Thailand celebrates the national day on the king’s birthday, which will be different when the throne sees a change.
  • Also, some countries do not have an official national day, but just happen to celebrate on a particular date.
  • The celebration style and feeling of euphoria are vary markedly from one nation to another.


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