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Arts & Crafts

Everyone has a need to express him or herself as an individual. One way we can do this is through creativity. Arts & Crafts encouraging creativity by providing opportunities for creative expression is one of the great rewards for leisure professionals. We have the opportunity to share in the creative output of our clients, no matter how sophisticated or simple. This sharing is often fulfilling for everyone involved.
There are many ways of expressing creativity through art & crafts, such as craftwork, cooking and painting, poems, letters and stories, through gardening and music and through one’s own ideas and innermost thoughts.

We will provide many opportunities for creativity to occur in a multitude of activities such as poetry writing, cooking, discussions, creating memory books, singing and craft work.

Click on the images below to download instructions,  along with relative documentation such as who attends, the goals of the activity and the instructions and what is needed to do the activity.

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