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For The Boys

Q. How do we motivate men to want to engage in interests, eg. woodwork etc, rather than sit

watching TV – their usual habit?

  • Make sure that there are programs aimed at maintaining a reasonable level of basic physical fitness in male residents so that the actual mobility required to be involved in the activities does not become tiresome and a chore.


  • Be sure that the suggested alternative activities are indeed of genuine interest to the residents (a questionnaire of their hobbies/interests upon entry to the facility would give ideas).


  • Give the men some duties/responsibilities related to the alternative activities, such as organisational, setting up of the actual activity, notifying other residents, choosing the subject matter of the activity etc.


  • Relate the activity to something outside the aged care facility, e.g. a community based charity, voluntary work, fundraising stalls, regular functions/events, and even other aged care facility activities.


  • Men tend to be competitive (and remain so even into old age) and so some activities could be competitive, e.g. quizzes, bowls games, footy tipping competitions, etc.


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