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In this section there will be many activities for you to download. With accreditation in mind, activities have been organised with “if you weren’t available scenario“.

Each activity has WHO facilitates the activity, WHERE it is to be held, HOW to do the activity, WHY we do the activity, WHICH residents attends the activity and COMMENTS about how to make sure residents attend e.g. Bill requires assistance or Joan requires only prompting to attend. Along with having a signatory and a review date included.  All of which cover accreditation requirements.

You are also able to fill in residents names and any comments in relation to residents, signatory and activity review date online before printing out the document, thereby saving more time.

This section will be continually updated with new activities. Some activities may appear in more than one category. If we have missed a category that you wish to have addressed please add a comment in the members feedback section and we will endeavour to assist you as best we can.

We have added an Activity Variation Sheet, for the purpose of different facilities adding details of where the equipment is kept at their facility and any variations to the activity they may like to add. (Scroll to the bottom of page).


Click on the images below or the links in the menu to the right to go to activity pages


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